Business Branding

Digital Marketing

  • May 2, 2020

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Case Study

Crystal Technologies is an ICT Company that required, Brand Visibility to position their Solutions online and generated Leads.


  • We started by Redesigning their Website, and positioning the right call to Actions.
  • We Build them a Marketing Strategy
  • Developed their Social Media Plan.
  • Content team came up with Copywriting materials and design that we could use for the social media campaign.
  • Social Media Campaigns with the goal of Brand Awareness


  • Website was redesigned
  • Search Engine Optimization was able to drive more traffic to their Website
  • Social Media Campaigns against their key solutions , leads generated was + 89% more previous.
  • Email- Marketing Campaigns generated 98% opens
  • Copywriting and Marketing Assets for generated that the client could use over a long period of time.