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Below are some of the Clients we have worked with on Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, Corporate Training, Event Management and Communication.

Client: Gemma May

  • Year: 2019
  • Main Service: Personal Branding
  • Designation: Senior Project Lead inHive
  • Extra Service: LinkedIn Masterclass
  • Return Over Investment: 100%

Client Testimonial:

I attended a LinkedIn workshop with Patience last year and it changed my perspective on how to use the platform to my own advantage. The advice and training was given by LinkedIn experts and they helped personalise my page to get the jobs I wanted. Teaching me how to get employers and recruiters to come to me rather than searching and applying for jobs. It also helped show me how I can use the platform to place me as a leader in my field, who to tag and what really generates valuable connections. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to change their job or career or someone looking to enhance their profile for future opportunities

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Client: Kenya Diaspora Alliance

  • Year: 2017
  • Timeframe: 4 Years
  • Main Service: PR & Communication
  • Extra Service: Corporate Event Management & Marketing
  • Return Over Investment: 97%

We ensured that Kenya Diaspora Alliance got the coverage they needed on the Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Alliance Events. We got TV Adverts, News Coverage, Magazine and live coverage for the live events.
We ensure during the Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Alliance events , we got Political key speakers to attend the events .

Social Media Presence was key, because reaching, Kenyans living abroad required targeted marketing. Every Annual event we ensured that we met more that 101% target on the reach and also sales in terms of booths that Diasporas could use to show case their products and services.
We Build a strong Brand for Kenya Diaspora Alliance and for the Kenya Diaspora Homecoming events

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Client: Seibu Giken DST

  • Year: 2018
  • Timeframe: 2 Years
  • Main Service: Strategic Planning
  • Extra Service: Digital Marketing
  • Return Over Investment: 100%+

Seibu Giken DST is a Swedish Manufacturer of Humidifiers. They reached out to us in 2018 to help with messaging for the local market when they visited Kenya for Market Survey. At that point we proposed to develop a Business Strategy that was going to help them penetrate the East African Market. From the Communication and PR project we had delivered for them during their short stay, we won their trust as it was a major success.

We conducted a Business Strategy and Market Strategy for the East Africa Market, and for 2 Years we worked as their Marketing Agency , before they hired an inhouse team, which to date we still work with them as their Virtual Chief Marketing Officer. Consistently training the team and helping them meet their sales and marketing goals.

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