Patience Rain

Patience Rain Atsango

Founder & Brand Strategist

Patience is the Founder of Digitech Brands Limited and Former CEO of Triple Cord Consulting an Information Technology Company. She is a Brand Strategist with over 9 years of experience in Brand Development Sales , Digital marketing , Growth strategy and Corporate Training. She has  a demonstrated history of working in the  Banking, Information technology, Manufacturing and SMEs. Her Corporate Training and strategic  marketing experience cuts across the larger East Africa and Sub- Sahara. 

Patience Rain is passionate about corporate training, Entrepreneurship mentorship, Brand Development, creating solutions  for clients to meet their needs, negotiating the best deals for clients. She has managed to  close deals of over 500 thousand dollars for tech industry; She has been able to build at  least 5 SMEs companies to middle tier and train over 500 SMEs. I work closely with my  team to develop solution presentations, product delivery, and post-sales client  management. 

She has worked with different cultural sales team across the global in my work  experience and also consulted for several companies on how to build a strong sales  team in sale enablement, training and strategic marketing. She has trained over 500 trainees on personal branding and build strong individual brands that have enabled a positive impact on their Careers.