HR Management
We provide HRM Services for our clients that include: Handling the hiring process, Training and On-Boarding the employees and Developing HR Policies. Since we have worked with and trained a lot of professionals on Personal Branding, we are able to know just the best fit for your Business.
Casual Labourers hiring, a lot of foreign investors and contractors tend to work with casual labourers and the process of HR Management is a headache to them, we take that process off your chest.

We outsource your tasks to reliable and dedicated Virtual Assistants for a fraction of the cost. We have three types of Dedicated Virtual Assistants each specialising in a different range of tasks. Depending on your business requirements,
our Outsourcing Specialist will match you with the best VA suited to your needs.
Executive VA: Executive Assistance & Basic Marketing
Advanced VA: Advanced Marketing
Specialist VA: Technical Tasks

HR LEGAL Support for Employees & Employers
As an employer, are you constantly facing new and challenging employment situations? If you do not have dedicated HR or your internal HR resource is struggling to cope with increasingly complex employee relations, we offer a combined solicitors and HR consultants legal service to help.
We also assist employees understand their employee legal rights concerning their employment contract and employee rights according to the constitution, incase of any layoff or employee harassment they may how to go about it


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    Our Digitech Brands Experience means that we’ll hold your hand throughout the whole journey – taking care of everything including: recruitment, on-boarding, HR management, payroll, replacement cover and support.

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