What We Do !

Our Services

Media & Influencer Relations

Our track record of earning attention and third-party endorsement for our clients is built on the strength of our professional relationships with media and influencers across the sectors in which we excel. We build meaningful long-term connections with journalists, industry analysts, commentators, social influencers, among others, to create an army of advocates and build help build movements for change.

Brand Strategy & Development

Even when brands claim to be ‘the first’, ‘the best’, or even to be ‘the category’, external perception is rarely that clear, or so static. The greatest problem our clients face is real differentiation, and it’s the issue we relish solving the most. Campaigns don’t work without context, and stories don’t sing without strategy.

Marketing Consultancy

Our Marketing Consultancy Strategic consists of a marketing team that achieved desirable results and continues to wow our customers to date: We provide services that help to grow and maintain a sustainable brand in Africa for the world.

Corporate Training

As one of the qualified corporate training companies in Kenya, our training programs are hard skills soft skill oriented and designed to drive employee productivity.

Virtual Assistant

Trust us to find you the best Virtual Assistants for Marketing and Admin Build your business with virtual admin and marketing assistants who’ll click with your team.

Creative Design & Planning

So, first of all, what is branding? Is it your logo? Your colors? Typefaces? Is it how your customer service people handle complaints? Or your product error messages? All of the above? More? Enough questions. The answer is simple and complex. Your brand is the emotions that people experience when they think about you. And creating emotions is hard work. This is where it all starts.

Mobile Marketing

Brands can’t ignore mobile and neither can bloggers, software developers, business owners … you get the picture. One way to get your brand out there is with mobile ads, which you can run through social media and other channels.

Media Buying & Planning

Media planning and buying strategies are formed by: Evaluating the most effective way to target your audience Researching availability and media options by working with a range of media representatives Knowledge of media outlets and prices Selecting the most appropriate programs, publications, and sites for advertisements Implementing a successful integrated media planning and buying strategy

Content Creation

Corporate blogging is a delicate art. On the surface, you want to be helpful and informative; underneath, you’re promoting the value of your brand. Count on Prose to strike a measured balance between telling and selling, piquing interest in your offerings without sounding like an ad.