Strategic Business Units

What We Do

Brand Development SBU

This is a Strategic Business that is focused on Building the Brand. From Brand Identity, Brand Culture, Brand Design, to Brand Development.. Read More

Experiential Marketing SBU

Experiential Marketing SBU, is a wide Business Unit with a huge part of the company team. This Unit focusses on Engagement Marketing, Trade Shows, Product Activations, Indoor and outdoor campaigns , event management and merchandising.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing SBU is the Business Unit where all magic happens. Through the Digital platforms the digital marketing experts work together in collaboration to ensure effective digital marketing campaigns

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Sales Consultancy SBU

Sales Consultancy SBU is the Business Unit that ensure all the other SBU are working together towards turning leads into sales for our customers. This Business Unit also collaborates with the Training SBU to support client requiring training in the area of sales.

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Market Research SBU

Market Research SBU consists of Data Experts, these team work together to ensure the client gets informed before launching a new product or penetrating into new markets or even expansion. This team is always at the fore front to guide the rest of the SBUs in decision making.

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PR & Communication SBU

PR & Communication SBU , is a Strategic Business Unit that is involved in conveying information on the different media channels such as Mainstream Media. The team in the Business Unit have experience working in media and have connections in media industry to make all the magic possible.

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