Market Research SBU

Marketing Research SBU  is a very import arm of Digitech Brands Group because we build brands through research! Digitech Brands Group, Marketing Research SBU specializes in research for advertising, branding, and content marketing initiatives .

Marketing Research SBU  is a full service market research Business Unit. We help build and grow brands using multiple market research methodologies including qualitative, quantitative, and secondary research.

Our primary research services include:

  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Ideation
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Development
  • Channel Optimization
  • Concept Exploration
  • Market Analysis
  • Advertising and Media Effectiveness
  • Ad & Copy Testing
  • Message Testing
  • Brand/Product Positioning
  • Communication Strategy
  • Advertising Optimization
  • Market Segmentation
  • Naming
  • Performance Indicators
  • New Products
  • NPS / Loyalty
  • Corporate Image
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Research for Content Marketing
  • Ad Tracking
  • and Tracking Awareness of Campaigns and Marketing Initiatives.

Marketing Research SBU provides consultative services to help identify consumer research needs and implement the appropriate methodologies including online surveys, telephone surveys, focus groups, ethnography, in-depth interviews, website usability, secondary research, AI online focus groups, online diaries, bulletin boards, trends analysis, forecasting, industry competitive analysis, social listening, insights videos, and mystery shopping.



No product goes to the market as a fit product at once, our process involves Developing a minimal viable product, get it to market as soon as possible, test the fit, gather customer feedback and then iterate. We repeat the process as many times as possible until we develop a product market fit.

Secondly we avoid the temptation of over expenditure while going viral, this will help us identify your key customer niche and completely focus on them.

We are Growth Hackers. Interested, talk to us!




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