About Us

Who We Are

Digitech Brands is the market leader in Strategic Marketing and Brand Development. Digitech Brands looks at Marketing at a 360 lenses. It has 7 Strategic Business Units that include: Experiential Marketing SBU, Digital Marketing SBU, PR and Communication SBU, Sales Consultancy SBU, Brand Development SBU, Marketing Research SBU and Training SBU.
The 7 SBUs coexist independently. They operate like separate agencies in one roof. Each SBU has an SBU head that manages a team of experts in that particular SBU. All the SBUs report to the Group CEO and Founder of Digitech Brands.
What makes Digitech Brands Unique is that, you can have all your marketing needs handled by one company in their different SBUs reaching towards the same goal and therefore consistency of results is guaranteed.
This is the reason why Digitech Brands was started in , we got a proof of concept of our Idea when we were among 10 companies selected for the CISCO Edge Program in Kenya.
How different is our Model compared to other Marketing and Branding Companies? We do not provide and instant solution to your existing program. Our Model is GROWTH HACKER MARKETING. We analyze every facet of your Business, to make sure you have a PRODUCT MARKET FIT, we conduct your Brand Audit, Market Research, create a Market Strategy, and find your GROWTH HACK then Launch your Campaign.

Our Focus Industries

  • IT & FinTech
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Real Estate & Manufacturing
  • NGOs & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Service Industry & Food Industry
  • Motor Industry & Education
  • Marketing Agency: Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a service reduces your chance of failure. We can become your marketing team. You need the right skills to deliver effective sales and marketing campaigns for your business. We will provide the strategy, content, and the campaigns you need to meet your ROI.

We developed ‘Marketing as a Service’, a pragmatic, phased model that incorporates the best of Product Management, Corporate Marketing, Product Marketing and Analytics.

Years in Business
Successfull Cases
Satisfied Clients
Pro Consultants
  • Virtual CMO

Hiring a CMO could be quite expensive to a Business especially if you are a Start-Up or a Mid-Size Company. This is the reason why Hiring a Consultancy like Digitech Brands that can provide you a Virtual CMO is important. A CMO provides direction to your Sales and Marketing team. Have you invested in Marketing and Sales team but still cannot validate the value for money. It is time you hired a Virtual CMO.

  • Bespoke Training

This engagement will involve, analyzing what the Business requires in order to grow. It could be Sales Processes, Marketing Programs, Presentation Skills, Sales and Communication Skills, Proposal writing, Personal Branding and Business Branding etc.

We provide a customized training session for based on your Business needs.

Some of our Customers

  • Cheriez Properties
  • Sophos
  • DST East Africa
  • Vertex
  • Dawit Insurance
  • Kenya Diaspora Home Coming Convention
  • Food Business Africa