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Digitech Brands Group is a Strategic Digital Marketing and Brand Development Company in Nairobi, Kenya. Our clientele covers Eastern, West and Central Africa and we are growing to other African Countries to Build Sustainable and lasting Brands.

Digitech Brands looks at Marketing at a 360 lenses. It has 7 Strategic Business Units that include: Experiential Marketing SBU, Digital Marketing SBU, PR and Communication SBU, Sales Consultancy SBU, Brand Development SBU, Marketing Research SBU and Training SBU.
The 7 SBUs coexist independently. They operate like separate agencies in one roof. Each SBU has an SBU head that manages a team of experts in that particular SBU. All the SBUs report to the Group CEO and Founder of Digitech Brands.
What makes Digitech Brands Unique is that, you can have all your marketing needs handled by one company in their different SBUs reaching towards the same goal and therefore consistency of results is guaranteed.

  • Brand Development
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Digital Marketing 
  • PR & Communication
  • Sales Consultancy
  • Training
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Your Online Brand is as important as your off-line Brand. Talk to us on how to get started.

We can help you build a Brand that customers can Trust.

By training your team on how to maximize their potential and helping you identify where to direct your sales efforts.

Through Digital Marketing we can help you convert your leads to customers.

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How Can Digitech Brands Help Startups Experience Exponetial Growth Through Digital Marketing?

Once upon a time, any company that wanted to get their message across prospects and customers used traditional marketing to do so. What was once a norm is...

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