Brand Consultant | Author | Speaker

Patience Rainn is an award-winning Brand Consultant and Speaker with 10 years of experience in brand marketing.

Starting her career in 2011 while at the University, she has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and locally including Unilever, coca cola, Samsung and Safaricom. Patience Rainn won Unispeak conversations in 2013 with Fountain Media and this landed her a spot as a TV host with WTV.

A dynamic and well respected brand expert, her brand training clients include Dawit Insurance, Sophos East Africa, Oracle Kenya, Kings Mabati, Glory Kings Maize Meal, Spatlis Cleaners Limited, Crystal Technologies, Giken Seiken East Africa, Kenya Diaspora Convention and Dignity Furnitures.

Patience Rainn was incubated by Cisco in 2019 among 10 Start-Up CEO in Kenya with most potential for growth and impact.

In 2018, she was awarded ‘ Consultant of the Year by CBA Group current NCBA for coaching over 100 CBA Group SMEs on Entrepreneurship program ( Fix Your Business).

Residing in Kenya, Patience Rainn travels delivering campaigns, brand training, and speaking engagement

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