Why you are not landing the job you want

Having a job that highly compensates you for your hard work is one of the most important benefits desired by many professionals. However, finding a job that pays you well enough can sometimes be a roller coaster experience. This is why you may need to be honest with yourself about what you’re doing wrong.

Here are some of the common reasons we’ve seen: 

  1. Your job search lacks focus: If you’re someone who applies to just any job, this may backfire especially when you repeatedly apply to different positions within the same organization, a potential employer can detect that and will see you as someone without focus.
  2. You are not highlighting your achievements: So, how do you stand out when everyone is doing the basics? Highlight your stand-out achievements in every job you’ve had. This is one way to stand out!
  3. You’re not prepared for interviews: Please don’t be one of the job seekers who think they can just “wing it”. Conduct very intentional research, and then practice using all available resources until you’re confident! We have a course on this, “How to Ace Your Interview.” Take advantage of our Santa sale to get up to 20% off. Click here
  4. You’re not using LinkedIn strategically: No profile photo, no achievements, no networking! Every serious professional should know how to use LinkedIn effectively to build their brand and attract opportunities!!! If you’re still finding it difficult, then here is some good news for you!


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